asphalt-paving-scams_850It all starts with a knock on your front door. You open it to find a worker who informs you they're in town finishing up a project and have extra materials leftover. They ask if you would like to have them repave your driveway for a reduced price.

Unfortunately, it may be too good to be true.

As the weather gets nicer, there is an increase in asphalt paving scammers. These scammers go door-to-door, paving driveways with used asphalt ground off roadways.

They may be offering bad asphalt at hiked prices, many times quoting low for the services and then charging more once the job is completed. Once they have your money, they disappear. Leaving you with a driveway that will not hold up for long.

How do I protect myself?

1. Ask for references.

Professional asphalt pavers don't go door-to-door. Call the company you would like to pave your driveway yourself instead.

2. Ask for a written estimate.

Having documentation can help protect yourself from being overcharged for a service.

3. Watch for out-of-state license plates.

Many of the scammers move locations by night and are targeting people, regardless of where they live.

Shannon Drudik

Shannon is a Vice President at Heartland Bank and serves as the Compliance Officer. She has been an associate at Heartland Bank since 2008.

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