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Business Resources

Set Your Business Up For Success

Heartland Bank offers these additional convenient services to meet the needs of our business customers.

Automatic Transfer

Use this service to set up transfers between your Heartland Bank accounts. Examples include making loan payments, safe deposit box payments or transferring funds periodically to your savings account. Ask us for details on other transfer possibilities.


Deposit or make payments by mail when you can’t get to the bank. Receipts for the transaction will be issued. Click here for a list of locations to view our address information.

Cashier's Checks

A cashier’s check is a check guaranteed by a bank, drawn from its own funds and signed by a cashier or teller.

Check Reordering Service

Reorder Deluxe checks online. It’s quick and easy!

Drive-Thru Banking

Most of our drive-thru lanes open before our main lobbies. A quick and convenient way to bank before work or after dropping the kids off at school. Check our Locations for further details.

Money Orders

Money orders are available at each branch location.

Night Deposit

Night deposit is available at each branch location.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are available at most locations; however, please call to check on size availability. Save $5.00 annually on your box rental by having the annual rent automatically deducted from your checking or savings.

Stop Payments

You have the ability to deny payment of a check or ACH item. Contact the bank for additional information.

U.S. Savings Bonds

A secure source for purchasing US Saving Bonds as gifts or for your own investment. We have Series I (Patriot Bonds) or EE Bonds available. Stop by for more information. Use this Savings Bond Calculator to help you determine what you need.

Wire Transfers

Transfer money from bank to bank anywhere in the world. Contact your nearest branch for instructions. Deadline for same day transfers is 1:00 p.m.

Make the Easy Switch to Heartland Bank

Have one of our MySwitch Specialists personally guide you through the process of switching banks. We're here to help. 

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