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Business Loans

Loans To Help You Grow Your Business

At Heartland Bank our unique approach to financing business has helped us to partner with all types of businesses throughout our trade area. Our approach is really very simple. We are a solution based financial partner for each and every customer. Small business, large business, publicly traded or privately owned, we have solutions to help your business be more successful.

Our process is as simple as our approach to business financing. First, we listen. We talk to our current customers and our prospective customers with the same focus. Tell us about your business. What are your goals? Who are your key partners, suppliers, and clients? Who are the other professionals you work with in your business? From there, we try to focus on understanding just what it is you do in your business.

This unique partnership allows us to better get to know you. It also allows us to provide another insight into possible solutions for how you run your business. Probably our most successful aspect is in finding the solution that fits best for your business and also meshes well with the bank’s strong history of sound banking decisions.

One example of how our process works:

A successful business in one of our market areas was looking at constructing a new building. At the time they were a prospective customer of Heartland Bank. One of our expert relationship managers met with the company’s owners and decision makers to determine exactly what their plans were. The business intended to build a new office building, but they had some very specific requests regarding financing. Within a few hours of the first meeting we gathered our key decision makers and had a discussion about the specific needs of this prospective client. By the next day, the company knew where we stood on their project and knew they would have a capable partner willing to work with them.

Business / Commercial Loan Options

Depending on your needs, we have several different ways to help your business. Learn more about our business financing options below.
Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Get money for land purchases and refinancing
  • Enjoy long-term fixed rate loans
  • Find competitive interest rates (fixed and variable rate financing available)
  • Benefit from flexible terms to fit your financing needs

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Machinery and Equipment Loans
  • Enjoy financing for new machinery and facilities
  • Get money for refinancing
  • Arrange lines of credit for machinery purchases
  • Enjoy competitive interest rates
  • Available fixed or variable rate financing with flexible terms

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Operating Loans and Lines of Credit
  • Establish revolving lines of credit for changing operating needs
  • Find competitive interest rates - fixed or variable rate financing available
  • Enjoy flexible terms to fit your financing needs

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Ready to speak with a business relationship manager? Simply click on the link below, select the nearest Heartland Bank location, and choose an experienced business relationship manager located right in your backyard.

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