Team Oct 22Customer Service Week is a celebration of the importance of customer service and the people who serve and support customers daily. Heartland Bank associates dedicated this week to discover their Heartland difference and focusing on our company values. 

Many businesses seem similar on the outside, but the thing that makes us unique is our story and our people. At Heartland Bank, our difference is in the details, which focus on our 6 brand values.

  • Caring: Investing in the success of our customers and associates
  • Family: Being a helpful team member, taking care of customers and associates, and contributing to improving the communities where our families live and work. 
  • Leadership: Approaching business and customers as if they are our own; being held accountable for goals, actions, products, decisions, and policies
  • Integrity: Acting with the highest ethical and legal standards in all we do
  • Professional: Performing at the highest level; staying relevant; communicating and acting in ways that respect the worth of people and their viewpoints.
  • Excellence: Doing what we do well and giving our customers the best service; always looking for innovative ways and continually improving. 

Throughout the week, associates recognized what their Heartland Bank difference is, discussed how they've made a difference in their community, and put an emphasis on embracing the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. 

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