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At Heartland Bank, we believe in investing in the future of our communities by supporting the educational aspirations of our youth. Each year, the Heartland Bank Foundation Scholarship recognizes outstanding high school seniors who demonstrate exceptional academic performance, community involvement, and financial need. We are thrilled to announce our 2024 scholarship recipients, a diverse group of students poised to make significant contributions to their chosen fields and communities. Let's meet these inspiring young individuals.

Naela Merrihew - Aurora High School
Naela Merrihew is embarking on an ambitious journey at the University of Nebraska-Kearney, where she will pursue Pre-Med and Pre-Optometry studies. Her dedication to the sciences and her commitment to helping others make her a standout recipient of this scholarship. We look forward to seeing her impact in the medical field.

Adam Knapp - Ord High School
Adam Knapp will be attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, majoring in Agribusiness and Agronomy. As a participant in the prestigious Engler Program, Adam is set to become a leader in the agricultural sector. His passion for agriculture and innovative spirit promise a bright future for our farming communities.

Rylie Bruha - Ord High School
Rylie Bruha is set to begin her studies at Central Community College through their online program. She aims to earn an Associate of Arts Degree with a focus on Academic Transfer and Intercultural Studies. Rylie's commitment to understanding and bridging cultural gaps is commendable, and we are excited about her future endeavors.

Jaala Stewart - Meridian Public Schools
Jaala Stewart will be pursuing studies in Business and Mortuary Science at Highland Community College. Her unique career path reflects her compassion and dedication to providing essential services during challenging times. We are confident that Jaala will excel in her chosen field.

Bailey Holtmeier - Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture
As a second-year recipient, Bailey Holtmeier continues to impress us with her dedication to Animal Science. An alumna of Meridian Public School, Bailey's continued pursuit of excellence in agriculture and animal sciences underscores her passion and commitment to this vital industry.

Amy Lauby - Fillmore Central High School
Amy Lauby will attend Northeast Community College, focusing on General Studies and Academic Transfer. Amy's broad academic interests and her drive to excel make her a deserving recipient of this scholarship. We are eager to see where her academic journey will lead.

Lilly Srajhans - Fillmore Central High School
Lilly Srajhans is set to pursue a career in Nursing at Bryan College of Health Sciences. Her dedication to health sciences and compassion for others will make her an exceptional nurse. We are proud to support her in this noble profession.

Lynley Swartzendruber - Shickley Public School
Lynley Swartzendruber plans to study Agriculture Education with a minor in Elementary Education at either Fort Hays State University or the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Lynley's dual focus on agriculture and education highlights her commitment to nurturing future generations in these essential fields.

Kenzie Strein - Diller-Odell High School
Kenzie Strein will attend Bryan College of Health Sciences, where she will study Nursing. Her dedication to the healthcare field and desire to make a difference in people's lives makes her a deserving scholarship recipient.

Olivia Redding - Adams Central High School
Olivia Redding will pursue Pre-Dental studies with a minor in Business at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her blend of scientific rigor and business acumen positions her well for a successful career in dentistry.

Kaili Head - Fillmore Central High School
Kaili Head will be attending the University of Nebraska-Kearney, where she will major in Elementary Education. Kaili's passion for teaching and her dedication to shaping young minds are qualities that will serve her well in the classroom.

Allison Haney - Grand Island Central Catholic
Allison Haney is headed to Wayne State College to pursue a degree in Elementary Education. Her commitment to education and her enthusiasm for working with children make her a standout scholarship recipient.


Each of these remarkable students has shown extraordinary potential and dedication. The Heartland Bank Foundation is honored to support their educational journeys and looks forward to seeing the positive impact they will undoubtedly have in their communities and beyond.

Congratulations to all our 2024 Heartland Bank Foundation Scholarship recipients! Your hard work, determination, and passion are truly inspiring. We wish you the best in all your future endeavors.


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