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Online Banking

Manage Your Finances With Ease

With free Online Banking, financial management has never been easier, safer or more convenient. Enroll today and enjoy all these great features:

  • Access your account information anytime or anywhere you have internet access
  • Check your account balances
  • View or print your statements
  • Set up stop payments
  • Inbound and outbound account transfers
  • Order checks
  • Access e-Statements

Best of all, Personal Online Banking is free to all Heartland Bank customers!

Enroll in Online banking


Fast. Convenient. Secure. FREE.

Heartland Bank offers electronic account statements and notices (e-Statements) for your personal or business checking, savings, CDs, IRAs, and loan accounts. e-Statements are a secure way to view your monthly account statements and notices online. You’ll have access to the same information that you currently receive in the mail with your paper statement — only faster, and it's free!

  • Receive your account statements and notices up to 2 days faster than by mail.
  • Easy storage! No need to keep paper copies. You can now store your statements and notices electronically.
  • Decrease your risk of identity theft. No worries about your statements and notices becoming lost or misdirected in the mail.
  • Access 18 months worth of statements with just a couple clicks of the mouse.
  • View your statements or pull up past transactions, 24 hours a day, wherever internet access is available.

Here’s how it works

View your e-Statements through Heartland Bank’s online banking. Every month, after your statement processes, you will receive an email notifying you your statement is now ready to be view. When an e-Notice is ready to be view, you will also receive an email. Once you receive the email, you may log in to your online banking account at www.MyHeartland.Bank and view your statement or notice by following the step-by-step directions provided in the email.

Enrolling in e-Statements

There are two convenient ways to enroll. You can visit your local Heartland Bank branch to sign the disclosure statement and list the accounts you would like to enroll. Our associates will take care of the rest. Or you can signup online through your Online Banking account by going to "Profile" in the top-right-hand corner.

Online Security

Your security is our top priority.

  • Federal Deposit Insurance – Using online banking services is just like walking into the bank - your deposits are protected by the FDIC.
  • Privacy Policies – Protecting your privacy is one of our top priorities. Our privacy policy protecting your personal information is stringent and enforced. 
  • Password Protection – When you visit us for the first time, we will ask for information to verify your identification. We’ll ask you to develop a confidential password only you will know.
  • Encryption Software – This software scrambles or encodes a message between two parties (you and the bank), in a way allowing the message to be decoded only by one of the two parties.

128-bit Encryption Browser Information

To ensure our customers have the highest level of security available, we require the use of a “strong encryption” (128-bit) browser.

128-bit Encryption Download Instructions

Note the time required for downloading a browser installation file may vary depending on your connection speed. For additional assistance, please contact your Internet Service Provider.

Note: We do NOT recommend the use of beta browser versions.

Tips for Online Security:

  • Choose your password and security question carefully and never reveal it to anyone. Use a combination of letters and numbers. Avoid addresses and phone numbers.
  • Never leave your computer unattended. If you must leave, then log off first.
  • Don’t send any sensitive personal or financial information by regular e-mail. Regular e-mail communications are not encrypted.
  • Don’t reply to any e-mail that requests your personal account information.
  • Regularly review your bank account statements and immediately report any irregularities.
  • Consider installing virus detection software on your computer to safeguard against know computer viruses.

Online & Mobile Bill Pay

With Bill Pay, you can view and pay all your bills — from your landscaper to your doctor — on our secure website or within our Mobile Banking App.

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