Man Answering a Fraudulent Phone Call

We’ve received notification of customers receiving fraudulent calls from third-parties impersonating an associate at Heartland Bank.

These fraudulent callers have asked questions requesting personal and/or account information. In some instances, the Caller ID shows “Heartland Bank” as the incoming caller.

Be aware that Heartland Bank associates do not call customers requesting personal and account information over the phone. Our associates do make calls to customers if there are suspicious transactions flagged on their debit cards. In these instances our associates ask the customers to call Elan Fraud Prevention Service to identify and settle the suspicious transactions. Elan Fraud Prevention Service is a trusted partner that Heartland Bank utilizes to monitor and quickly identify any suspicious transactions on our customer debit cards.

If you feel unsure about the legitimacy of any call you receive from Heartland Bank, simply hang up and call your local Heartland Bank branch directly.

Please feel free to contact your local Heartland Bank branch if you have any questions or if you have received a similar fraudulent call.

Cindy Moyle

Cindy is a Senior Vice President /Information Technology and Operations Director for Heartland Bank. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Outside of the bank, Cindy enjoys spending time with her family and going to garage sales and flea markets.

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