Credit Sense with Heartland Bank

Take control of your credit journey like never before. Introducing Credit Sense with Heartland Bank – your all-in-one solution for comprehensive credit monitoring and insightful financial guidance.

Gain access to a suite of powerful tools integrated into your online and mobile banking experience.



Here's what you can expect:

  1. Free Credit Monitoring: Keep a close eye on your credit health with real-time monitoring alerts delivered straight to your device.
  2. Insightful Analysis: Instantly access the factors influencing your credit score and receive personalized recommendations to help you make informed financial decisions.
  3. Educational Resources: Gain a deeper understanding of how your credit score is calculated and learn valuable tips to safeguard your creditworthiness.
  4. Unlimited Full Credit Reports: Enjoy unlimited access to your full credit report, empowering you to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.
  5. Credit Score Simulator: Visualize how certain actions may impact your credit score before you make them, allowing you to make strategic decisions to improve your financial standing.

Best of all, Credit Sense is completely free for Heartland Bank customers – no hidden fees or surprises. It's our commitment to empowering you on your financial journey, every step of the way.

Make your credit make sense, and enroll today!



Heartland Bank

Heartland Bank is a family-owned bank located in 13 different communities across the heart of Nebraska. Heartland Bank's vision is to improve the lives of customers, associates, and communities. 5-Time recipient of American Bankers Best Banks to Work For.

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