We have released a new version of our mobile banking smartphone app: HB Mobile. With this update comes new features to Mobile Bill Pay.

With Bill Pay, you can view and pay all your bills - from your landscaper to your doctor - on our secure HB Mobile App. This latest update makes it easier than ever with these new features:

Bill Capture

Create a bill payment with the snap of a photo. Bill Capture gives you the ability to take a picture of an invoice with your smartphone's camera, and it will create the bill payment. Utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR), HB Mobile will extract bill information from the invoice and create the bill pay record for you to pay at that time or save in the "To-Do" list option. 

Add a Bill Payee

Unlike before where you had to add a new payee in Online Bill Pay, you can now add a new payee in the HB Mobile App. Either enter the contact information manually or by utilizing Bill Capture.

View Bill History

The latest upgrade lets you view your payment activity, including your transaction history.

How to Download HB Mobile

If you haven't yet downloaded our mobile banking app or if you would like to learn more about this service, simply click on the link below.

Learn More About Mobile Banking

Caitlin Dumas

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