A better way to manage your Heartland Bank debit card is just a tap away.

We’re excited to introduce My Mobile Money Access, a new app to help you control and monitor card usage anywhere, anytime using your smartphone. With My Mobile Money Access, you can manage your spending, protect your card from fraud, set up alerts and controls to determine how your card is used. 

Control Spending

Control how your card is used. Sign up for alerts based off of spending thresholds or choose to have transactions denied based off of spending limits, transactions and merchant types. Also, get low account balance notifications straight to your phone. We still recommend notifying us if you’re planning on traveling.

Location Alerts & Controls

Control where your card is used. Just as with the spending controls and alerts, you can choose to set up alerts, or transaction denials based on the location of the purchase. Define your area with either your current location, a region or country.

Card-Present Transactions

This option is based on the location of your device. My location compares the GPS location of the device to the merchant’s physical location. If they don’t match, you can have it set up to either deny the transaction or receive an alert.

Card Turn Off & On

Instantaneously turn your card off or on with the My Mobile Money Access app. If you lose your card, leave it behind at a restaurant, or only want to have it on when you’re making a purchase, just flip the switch within the app. When your card is turned off, it can’t be used.

Download The How-To Guide

Protect Your Account from Fraud

Fraud alerting allows you to respond quickly to potential fraud on your card. With My Mobile Money Access, alerts come directly to your mobile device if our fraud monitoring service suspects a transaction might be fraud. The alert will give you the option to approve or deny the transaction.

In addition to being notified of potential fraud through My Money Mobile Access app, you can also indicate transactions you didn’t make on your “Transaction Screen.”

Download the app today! google_play2

Caitlin Dumas

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