iStock-895289310TransferNow - Account to Account Transfers

Enjoy an easy and secure way to transfer funds between your owned account(s) at Heartland Bank and other financial institutions.

TransferNow benefits include:

  • More control and flexibility over your money.
  • Multiple transfer options: one-time, recurring and future-dated transfers.
  • Standard and next day delivery options.
  • Ease and convenience - simply login to your Online Banking account to get started.

Is there a fee to use TransferNow?

Standard transfers are free, up to 5 per month (both incoming and outgoing), and a $2.00 fee, per transfer, after that. Next day transfers incur a $7.50 fee per transfer, for outgoing transfers and no charge for up to 5 incoming per month, a $2.00 fee per transfer after that.

Transfer limits are $5,000 per day for a standard transfer, $2,000 per day for a next day transfer. $10,000 per month for standard transfers and $5,000 per month for next day transfers.

For questions regarding transfer limits, please contact your local branch.

How do I add my external accounts?

Access TransferNow by logging into your account through our online banking homepage, selecting "TRANSFER" from the Main Menu, then “EXTERNAL TRANSFERS” on the right side of the screen and following the on-screen instructions to add and verify your accounts.

You have two options for account ownership verification: real-time and trial deposits. The real-time verification process is the default as it allows you to proceed promptly with the transfer. However, you will be asked for your log-in credentials at the other financial institution(s) including any challenge questions. If you do not want to use this method, you can select the trial deposit method by following the instructions. The trial deposit process sends two small deposits in 1-2 business days to your account at the other financial institution. Once those deposits are made you will enter the amounts in order to verify the account. After your account is verified, you can initiate a transfer.

Is TransferNow available in Mobile Banking?

TransferNow is available from within the Mobile Banking App, however, you must add your external accounts through Online Banking on a desktop computer. Once an external account is set up and verified, you may use Mobile Banking to initiate a transfer.  

TransferNow is available for personal customers. Only transfers from U.S. based accounts are permitted.

Contact a Heartland Bank associate if you have further questions.


Cindy Moyle

Cindy is a Senior Vice President / Operations Director for Heartland Bank. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Outside of the bank, Cindy enjoys spending time with her family and going to garage sales and flea markets.

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