We have released a new version of our mobile banking smartphone app: HB Mobile. With this update, there are several new features. Here's what available:

Touch ID

  • iPhone users can experience the simplicity of logging in with their fingerprint
  • Bypass having to type in your password and easily access your finances

How to Enable Touch ID

Simply follow the instructions below on how to enable Touch ID login:

  1. Log into your mobile banking on HB Mobile
  2. Go to the "More" tab
  3. Select "Touch ID Settings" 
  4. Touch ID login will appear in the bottom left of the Login screen once enabled 
  5. Note: If you have multiple fingerprints activated on your phone, all prints will have access to this app

Pending Transactions

  • Pending transactions in your account will have the label "Pending" listed before the transaction details

Check Images

  • You can now view check and deposit images in HB Mobile

More Loan Details

  • Loan account details will show in the app including minimum amount due and the due date for your next loan payment


How to Download HB Mobile

If you haven't yet downloaded our mobile banking app or if you would like to learn more about this service, simply click on the link below.

Learn More About Mobile Banking

Caitlin Dumas

Caitlin is the Marketing Manager at Factor Bikes NA and Champion Systems. She graduated from Hastings College with a degree in Web Communication Design and Journalism. She's passionate about cycling advocacy and rescue dogs, and she enjoys spending her free time reading and drawing.

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