Justice gavelIn recent news, several instances of fraud have surfaced, highlighting the importance of vigilance in safeguarding our finances. As a reliable financial ally, our mission is to arm the public with knowledge about these schemes to prevent them from falling prey to such fraudulent activities.

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office (LSO) is investigating after they say a couple lost $115,800 in a fraud scheme. 

The couple experiencing issues on March 29 when their computer shut down and displayed a phone number. The couple told deputies that they called the number and spoke to a person who claimed they were frauded $5,000 and that the FBI was investigating them for crimes.

Over the next several days they received phone calls accusing them of crimes and threats that their bank accounts could be compromised.

A caller then convinced the couple to withdraw $115,800 from their bank accounts to buy gold bars from a local business. They were instructed to put the gold bars into a cardboard box and give it to a man. The couple was told the man was going to take it to Washington D.C. to put it into a secure bank account.

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A man then showed up at their home, got the box and then left. The couple did not receive anymore information after the interaction.

The couple reported the fraud to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and their bank.

The LSO said this is the largest fraud case that they have worked on so far in 2024.

A New York man is behind bars after multiple stolen checks from numerous people were found inside a vehicle during a traffic stop Saturday in York County.

According to the York County Sheriff's Office, officers stopped a vehicle for speeding between Henderson and Bradshaw exits.

William Stewart of Brooklyn, New York, was arrested for criminal possession of a financial transaction device, possession of a financial forgery device, theft by receiving stolen property, and identity theft among other charges.

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The investigation determined that the checks were from 294 different account holders from six states for just over $222,000.

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