Emilie Schardt graduates from Heartland Bank's RMDP

Congratulations to Emilie Schardt as she is the first graduate of Heartland Bank’s Relationship Management Development Program (RMDP).

Emilie joined the bank after graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in June 2022 as the inaugural participant in the program.

“Since day one, Emilie has been a great addition to our Heartland Bank family," said Vice President/Market President Steve Anderson. "From very early on in her RMDP journey, we knew that we had someone special as she displayed tremendous work ethic, confidence and a genuine willingness to learn. The future for Emilie is very bright and we are excited to watch her continued growth with Heartland Bank.”

The goal of the RMDP is to provide a rotation through various departments to gain an understanding of Heartland Bank’s inner workings.

“I am very appreciative to be a part of an organization that values the development of young people like myself,” said Emilie. “This program has laid the financial foundation for me to get started in my banking career. The associates at Heartland Bank have spent many hours training and working with me, and their time and efforts do not go unnoticed. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow at Heartland Bank.”

After completing department rotations, the next to step is to learn credit analysis. Emilie has been working in credit analysis for the past several months, and officially moved into the role on May 1st.

John Wilkins, Jed True, Don Jividen, Emilie Schardt, Steve Anderson and Dennis FergusonJohn Wilkins, Jed True, Don Jividen, Emilie Schardt, Steve Anderson and Dennis Ferguson

Melissa Karloff

Melissa is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Heartland Bank. Melissa has worked in Human Resources for the past 20 years in different work environments. She received her bachelor’s degree from Hastings College and her master’s degree from UNK.

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