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Customer Reviews

How was your recent experience with us?

Feedback is how we will grow as a company and improve our relationship with you the customer. We take pride in our business and want to make sure every customer leaves our bank locations happy.

If you appreciated the service you received at Heartland Bank, please leave us a review by clicking on your preferred Heartland Bank location below. You can then submit a review on either our Facebook page or the Google business page for your preferred location.


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Aurora LPO

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Recent Reviews:

(Reviewed on Facebook)
Eileen Horst Richter January 31, 2017

We need some advice on retirement financial advice. We were very happy how we were treated and the information we received. We would refer our friends and relatives to you. Thank you. (Reviewed on Facebook)

Marlene Moritz January 30, 2017

They've done great for us so far. Answered all of my questions when I started with an unfamiliar account. (Reviewed on Facebook)

Stacie Christensen January 27, 2017

A friendly atmosphere and good service! It's so nice to have a hometown bank! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Lisa Hendrickson January 27, 17

I love the friendly smiles and service at the Fairmont Heartland Bank. I want to thank them for having the patience to teach me online banking. I never thought I would be doing it but I am! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Wanda Marget January 27, 2017

Lois has been so helpful and kind as have many others in Kearney. It is reassuring to have people we can trust when we have questions or concerns. (Reviewed on Facebook)

Ellen Wagers Geist January 27, 2017

We love this bank! Everyone is so friendly too! Been customers for almost 10 years now! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Kayla Delarm-Roth January 27, 2017

(Reviewed on Facebook)

Jon Roth January 27, 2017

Heartland Bank in Kearney is a great place to do business. We've done business with them since they first opened in Kearney and before that we did our business in Geneva where we've both had accounts since we were teenagers. Our kids have accounts with them as well. We like the fact that the employees know us and remember who we are and ask about our families. Lois & Carrie are an asset to your bank! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Deb Clark Rohla January 27, 2017

Heartland Bank does an amazing job here in Kearney. Everyone is very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Their website is also very user friendly, well protected and shows your current balance next to every transaction. Great bank and great people!! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Nathan Britten January 27, 2017

I've really appreciated the employees friendliness and that they greet the customers on a first name basis. It makes for a comfortable place to discuss questions and do business. Love online banking, but would still like a branch in South Kearney. (Reviewed on Google)

Janet Andres January 10, 2017

We love having the Burwell branch so close to our house. We are very pleased with the service we get there. We can call and they are able to help us right away with our accounts or any other question that we may have. We enjoy working with Maurie, Julie, Colby and Jana! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Anne Dearmont Kelley January 7, 2017

Fast and great service! Staff is always courteous and friendly. (Reviewed on Google)

Matt Graves January 5, 2017
Great service and friendly tellers. (Reviewed on Google)
Daniel Herbek January 5, 2017

Formerly Geneva State Bank before the merger. I have had an account here since I was 12! I loved it then and still love it today! Always great customer service! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Cheryl Price January 5, 2017

Banking with Heartland Bank has always been a great experience! They have great customer service and the app is super easy to use! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Amy Loree January 5, 2017

It is truly the bank with heart. We have banked with this institution when it was geneva state bank and have always enjoyed our banking experience with this institution. Between business and personal accounts and loans at heartland we have always found it to be staffed with friendly, outgoing ,and caring individuals from the president to the tellers. From experience i can say not every Bank has that going for them. It is a bank full of heart and a staff I can call my friends. (Reviewed on Google)

Donna Hogan January 5, 2017

The people at Heartland are so friendly and helpful with any questions or concerns I may have always willing to help. Using the website is so easy and understandable its great. Good hometown bank!!!! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Nancy Pekar January 5, 2017

I have always appreciated the personal service at the Riverdale bank. We have banked there for more than a few decades! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Peg Stevens January 4, 2017

The staff is always friendly and very helpful with all my questions and concerns. (Reviewed on Facebook)

Vicki Wion-Mattson January 4, 2017

Very friendly staff, always willing to help in a timely manner! (Reviewed on Google)

Tad Judge January 4, 2017
Great bank with friendly people.... (Reviewed on Google)
Cary Udell January 4, 2017

Friendly helpful place. (Reviewed on Google)

Matt Kollars January 4, 2017

All of the staff are great! We have banked for years with them and consider them friends or friends in the making. The tellers are friendly, professional and courteous. The lending department is understanding and helpful. You can't go wrong at Heartland Bank. Thanks everyone! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Robert Fitzgerald January 4, 2017

I am very grateful to have this bank as I have been fortunate enough to have made some mistakes in my life financially to have a bank that really got down to the basics with me to help put my life back together. We all know or at least have a idea of how the financial world can be a very good thing if handled and managed responsibly as I have been on the other side for a few years now and found this bank at a low point in my life and was able to sit down with Heartland Bank people and figure out how I can make this work for me as I still am growing and learning with this but my point is I had people that were there to help me as much as I needed and as much as they were able to, enough to get me up and have confidence that I can do this and that all doors were not closed just because I made some mistakes with my life, credit paid the price which can be very overwhelming and hold people down. This bank as is states Heartland Bank has people that work from the heart and care and I'm truly grateful for this so thank you to the staff and Heartland Bank for this. (Reviewed on Facebook)

Ryan McManus January 4, 2017

Awesome staff very polite, they actually know you by name! I've had my small business acct with them for 2 years, wouldn't think of doing business anywhere else! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Eric Tappen January 4, 2017

I love our small town bank! Lori and Brian are amazing to work with. Anytime I have questions or need assistance whether it's for our personal accounts or the Village of Grafton's accounts they always offer prompt service and assistance. I would also highly recommend Heartland Bank for anyone buying a home or purchasing for a business. (Reviewed on Facebook)

Ashley Stevens January , 2017

I couldn't ask for a better financial institution to serve both my own personal needs and the needs of our community - the staff is friendly and helpful, and customer service is top-notch. I would definitely recommend Heartland Bank! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Kendra Bargen January 4, 2017

I could do all my banking on-line at your convenient website, but then I would not get the friendly service I receive by going old school and actually entering my local Heartland bank in Geneva! All the gals are extremely competent with my day to day banking and Jan takes care of all my loan needs professionally with the lowest interest rate possible. Banking with actual people to help you has never been such a pleasure, and you don't even need to remember a password! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Michael Buck January 4, 2017

(Reviewed on Facebook)

Brandi Neville January 4, 2017

I've always had a great experience Heartland Bank in Hastings I've always had great service and ladies behind the counter have always been super helpful. (Reviewed on Facebook)

Keith Bieck January 4, 2017

Friendly tellers. Great service & very accommodating. (Reviewed on Facebook)

Sandy Zoubek January 4, 2017

U guys make me feel important................THANX (Reviewed on Facebook)

Vivian Lutzke August 2, 2016

Sheila Smith at the drive through window in Geneva is always very professional and pleasant.

Private Submission August 2, 2016

(Reviewed on Facebook)

Michelle Palmer August 2, 2016

My wife and I had an awesome experience refinancing our house with Heartland Bank. To say that Jan and Andrea were great to work with is an understatement. They kept us informed and walked us through the entire process, it was so easy! We were able to save money and increase the value of our house. I wouldn't go anywhere else! They treated us like family, even my 18 month old son, who was all over the office enjoyed himself! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us, we are so grateful and blessed to have such wonderful people in our community! (Reviewed on Facebook)

Marcus Ruhl August 2, 2016

U guys make me feel important................THANX (Reviewed on Facebook)

Heartland Bank - Riverdale (Reviewed on Google) August 2, 2016

(Reviewed on Google)

Sally Majors May 2016